The Humblebrag B

This is the B that tries to mask their brag with humility.

The Reminiscent B

This is the B that keeps bringing up embarrassing stories from the past.

The Wheelbarrow B

The B that wants to take everything in one go.

The Big Bills B

This is the B that never wants to break his bills.

The Dadbod B

This is the B that believes everything he reads.

The Helicopter B

This is the B that hovers over you as you work.

The Giggles B

This is the B that laughs at everything.

The Unqualified B

This is the B that you pay to do a job they’re completely unqualified for.

The Selfish Gift B

This is the B that gets you selfish gifts.

The OK B

This is the B that will say OK even though they have no idea what you just asked them to do.

The One Up B

This is the B that always tries to follow anything you say with a bigger and better story of their own.

The Facebook Status B

This is the B that constantly updates their Facebook status.

The Animal Cruelty B

This is the B that thinks that any human interaction in an animal’s life is cruel.

As a side note, check out this parasailing donkey:

The Dabke B

This is the side stepping B at every fob wedding you’ll ever go to that decides its their duty to jump, lunge and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

The Pre-Game Muncher B

This is the unreliable B on your sports team that will stuff his face before every match.

The Late B

This is the careless B that always keeps you waiting.

The Idea B

This is the useless B that keeps coming up with ideas but lacks the competency to see any of them through.

The Bandwagon B

This is the superficial B that’ll jump on any winning team’s bandwagon at every major sporting event.

The Pesci B

You know those Bs that lose their temper over the smallest things and make a public scene out of it every time?

The Paparazzi B

This is the B that’s incessantly taking pictures every time you go out and posts every single one of them to Facebook.

The Part Of The Family B

This is the B that acts like he’s part of the family whenever he comes over – talks to your dad in the garage, gives your little sister advice and helps your mom in the kitchen.

The Mature B

This is the type of B that simply can’t stand it when people act stupid or funny for the sake of having a good time.

The Passhole B

This B is defined as “someone who opts out of participating in a decision, but then complains bitterly about the outcome” (Bob Sutton, 2010).

The Preemptive B

This is the insecure B that will automatically go into defensive mode if he sees you as more competent than himself.

The Board Game B

These are the B’s that simply can’t stand losing at any game.

The Don King B

This is the sadistic B that always tries to arrange fights between two people who have no reason to hate each other.

The Parrot B

These are the Bs that will just repeat/rephrase anything you just said without adding anything new or interesting to a conversation.

The Man In The Mirror B

This is the B that always has bouts of introspection and assesses his own life so often that it can’t be healthy.

The Shameless Self-Promoter B

This B will shamelessly take every opportunity to champion himself in conversation.

The Inside Jokes B

This is the B that laughs at other peoples inside jokes as if he’s in the loop.

Pretends To Be In The Same Boat B

The Same Boat B

In times of pain and distress, this is the B that will pretend to be in the same boat as you.

Pretends To Be In The Same Boat B

The Instant Replay B

This is the B that constantly tells you what just happened literally right after the fact.